SMES school Mahim

Principal's Message

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Banu Patel

Qualifications: MA, M.ed, PG, DME

Education is the all round development of one’s personality

-Mahatma Gandhi

Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world

-Nelson Mandela

In today’s global era, Education is complex, dynamic, the power to think clearly, develop critical and higher order thinking skills and to adopt the modern trends of teaching learning processes. A power to appreciate life the art of teaching is the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young pure innocent souls and to discover their quest for knowledge. I am delighted as your precious jewels begin their formative journey at SMES’s School following the CBSE syllabus. As the name suggests lets resolve to seek blessings of Goddesss Saraswati and follow our Motto
“Knowledge is light”

Just as the Light dispels Darkness, May wisdom dispels our ignorance. Our trained Educators and Facilitators provide them a good infrastructure, e-learning facility and with the best of amenities, conducive, congenial, comfortable, creative, innovative, child friendly environment of warmth and affection. At Saraswati Mandir, the temple of learning, every child is respected as he or she is a unique persona in which they can cherish their honesty and simplicity as the best times of their lives.

Our teaching learning process is not a burden but fun. As we know teaching is not merely learning. Teaching and learning go hand in hand, simultaneously teachers and children share an inseparable bond therefore our learning is activity based curriculum taught with fun and frolic.

We focus on all the three domains Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor skills, that is Physical, Intellectual, Social, Creative Innovative and most importantly the Emotional Quotient development with good Inter and Intra personal skills which will not only make them academically proficient but also instill in them values which will transform them to be inspired, optimistic, responsible humane productive youths who will survive in this competitive world and contribute to the society and the nation in a wholesome way.

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