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Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in diversity. -( Aristotle) At S.M.E.S (CBSE) we try to inculcate virtues of heart, mind, body and soul to engender an overall development of personality. The academic curriculum is supplemented by physical training, value education ,diagnosis remedial and co- curricular activities.

Our aim is not just to create another face in the crowd but to mature each student into developing a personality which has the resolve to do the nation proud. Democratic attitude, patience, empathy, brotherhood, humanism, patriotism, sensitivity to the environment, rationalism, etc. S.M.E.S (CBSE) endeavours to provide not just pedantic learning but a genuine and holistic education in a stress free environment. An integrated approach to learning by providing a variety of expressions such as dramatization, role play, story telling imaginative, innovative & creative skills through speech & drama which helps to build confidence by providing opportunities to converse with greater confidence & ability . Abacus calculation methods help us in learning number manipulation skills, decimal grasp & digit correlation among other skills. Karate helps to achieve discipline, self confidence, etiquette, self defense and physical fitness. Since we are in the machine age, Computer and ICT enables us to be techno- savvy a need of every school curriculum & hence to be implemented from the grass root level to get hands on experience.

Thus providing holistic 3600 degree all round development & enhancing their imaginative & creative skills giving equal weight age to cognitive, psychomotor & not neglecting the socio emotional aspect which includes inter and intra personal behavior and values of the affective domain the need of the hour for the present global era pupils. The requirements for the present era pupils, all services under one roof S.M.E.S (CBSE) School.

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