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The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turnout” We at Saraswati Mandir ( C.B.S.E. ), Pre primary section have worked to provide a quality curriculum that addresses the students individual levels of emotional, social, physical and intellectual development.

Our program for the Pre-primary includes various activities that encourage freedom of thought, Mathematical and logical reasoning through Abacus, artistic expression and vocabulary enrichment through the use of Glenndoman cards, Speech and Drama and stage performances, Skill in music, performing arts, physical education which takes place in the form of Karate for self defense and gymnastics for all round physical development as well as other extra – curricular activities for the holistic development of the child. To develop fine motors skills children are given hands on experience with activities such as clay moulding, tracing, shoe lacing, paper crumpling, paper twisting, sand play, water play and balancing for gross motor development.

We lay special emphasis on the enhancement of cognitive and psychomotor domain of the children, especially not ignoring the need of each and every child to provide them safe, secure and stable growth in their formative years and conquering with love by taking care of each and every child’s socio-emotional development. Activities planned for the children are based on multiple intelligence to enhance and develop their innate skills as per their capabilities.

In these pursuits, the children will build on their current knowledge and broaden their perspective. School is a second home for all the children and here we with our special concentration on nurturing the socio emotional and overall needs of our children moulding them to be humane to achieve their developmental and learning milestones.

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